A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Developed for ProcJam 2016. A Unity engine experiment with 3d Perlin Noise, Marching Cubes, and Physics.

Left Mouse to launch gravity leash beam.

Right Mouse to detach.

Use the beam to travel around and between cubes.

Collect artifacts.

Stuck? Hit R to restart.


Game by Nate Berens



Music: 'h' by SHOMOMOSE - shomomose.bandcamp.com

Leash sounds by Tobiasz 'unfa' Karoń - http://www.freesound.org/people/unfa

CoherentNoise library by Chaos Cult Games

Published Nov 12, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorNate Berens
TagsPhysics, Procedural Generation, Relaxing, Space


gravity_leash_win.zip 26 MB
gravity_leash_mac.zip 40 MB


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That really high pitch sound that plays a few times at the start of the music loop should not exist, the rest of it was amazing. for the mechanics I think it might be good if you could tug on the leash and/or have a tiny amount of influence on character movement while in the air with WASD. Really lovely game.

Agreed on all points, if I revisit the game the first addition will be more control over the leash length. And I yeah, I'd edit the music as well. Thanks for the feedback!